Ficus elastica abidjan

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We just love the Abidjan variety of the Ficus elastica (commonly known as a Rubber plant). It's deep green, almost-black leaves are smooth and glossy, and look great with a little leaf shine. And what's more, it's a super low maintenance plant to have in the home.. perfect!

Pot diameter: 12cm approx

Plant & pot height: 30cm approx

Plant care: Ficus elastica


Your Ficus can tolerate most light levels, think low, medium or bright (but avoid direct sun).


Water when the top layer of soil feels dry.


Like many houseplants, Ficus enjoy moist air. Mist your plant to keep it happy.


During warmer months, houseplants are actively growing and will appreciate regular plant food. During colder months, a plants growth rate slows down and so they often need less water.