For Peat's Sake 100% eco coir compost (11L)

For Peat's Sake

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For Peat's Sake 100% eco coir compost, 600g brick - makes approx 11.5 litres. 

Coir is a renewable resource, it is the by-product of coconuts (husk). It has excellent water retention, is organic, odourless and won't attract pests. It can be used to repot foliage houseplants, as an excellent seed starter, or outdoors in flower beds.

This 100% eco coir compost makes an excellent growing medium for your foliage house plants. It can be used by itself or included in a potting mix with other ingredients such as perlite and regular garden-centre compost.

The eco coir compost brick must be rehydrated before use, instructions included.