Fern leaf cactus - extra large

Neither a fern or a cactus! This rare and unique succulent-type plant is a member of the epiphyllum family. It's plump serated foliage is just amazing!

Just wow!

*Due to the size of this plant it can not be posted. Local delivery/local collection only.

Pot diameter: 14cm approx

Plant & pot height: expect trailing stems of over 1 meter

Plant care: Fern leaf cactus


Your epiphyllum appreciates bright, indirect light. It can tolerate periods of direct sun, but not all day.


Like many cacti/succulents, epiphyllum need less water then your average foliage plant and prefer their soil to be on the dry side. Allow your epiphyllum to completely dry out a little in-between watering.


Like many cacti/succulents, epiphyllum prefer a dryer ambient environment.


During warmer months, houseplants are actively growing and will appreciate regular plant food. During colder months, a plants growth rate slows down and so they often need less water.

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