Black jewel orchid

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Ludisia discolour, also known as a Black jewel orchid is unlike any typical orchid you might know, as she is appreciated for her foliage rather than her flowers! The almost-black, velvety leaves have delicate stiped veining which has caught the eye of plant collectors over recent times. She's easy care too!

Pot diameter: 12cm approx

Plant & pot height: 20cm approx

Plant care: Ludisia


Your Ludisia will be happy in medium light levels. 


Add water when the top layer of soil has dried out, ensuring good drainage.


Regular humidity levels are OK!


During warmer months, houseplants are actively growing and will appreciate regular plant food. During colder months, a plants growth rate slows down and so they often need less water.

Top Tip

Flowers can be removed without harming the plant.