RARE PLANT: Philodendron White Knight


The top of everyone's wish list, Instagrams new favourite plant: Philodendron white knight. Beautiful white variegated leaves make this a stand-out plant.

Please be aware that the level and dispersal of variegation will vary with each plant, and that variegation can change over time.

Pot diameter: 15cm approx

Plant & pot height: 40cm approx

Plant care: Philodendron


Your philodendron can tolerate most light levels, it will achieve better colours in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sun.


Water when the top layer of soil feels dry, ensure water can drain away.


Mist your plant to keep it happy.


During warmer months, houseplants are actively growing and will appreciate regular plant food. During colder months, a plants growth rate slows down and so they often need less water.