RARE PLANT: Variegated boston fern

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One word to describe these Boston babes: bushy! The variegated version of a staple houseplant, look closely and you'll see jagged zig-zag yellows or entire leaves in yellow hues. Did you know Boston ferns are an excellent air purifier? These Boston ferns come in a large hanging pot. Variegated plants have become highly sought after, please be aware that the level and dispersal of variegation will vary with each plant, and that variegation can change over time.

Pot diameter: 12cm approx

Plant & pot height: 25cm approx

Please note: this plant is for local delivery or collection only, it cannot be posted due to size/fragility. 

Plant care: Nephrolepis exaltata (Boston fern)


Your fern can tolerate lower light levels, but will appreciate bright, indirect light.


Your fern prefers its soil to be a lightly damp, always ensure good drainage.


Ferns enjoy moist air. Mist your plant to keep it happy or situate in a steamy room like the bathroom.

Top Tip

Try to avoid touching the feathery fronds too much, your fern won't like it!


During warmer months, houseplants are actively growing and will appreciate regular plant food. During colder months, a plants growth rate slows down and so they often need less water.