Repotting Party #2

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Our Second Repotting Party - Sunday 11th June

Let’s get our fingernails dirty and repot those plants! Not sure how or when to repot your plants? Confused about which soils and substrates to use? Want to make a mess on our floor rather than yours? Come armed with your favourite plants and join us in store on Sunday 11th June.

What’s included?

We’ll have tons of soil and soil components for your tropical, humidity-loving house plants, as well as composts suitable for drought tolerant cacti & succulents. We’ll have an array of different sized plastic nursery pots (in the spirit of re-use and recycling, some may be pre-loved), gardening hand tools and plant feeds for you to use. We’ll also be on hand to offer our repotting expertise, give plant care advice, help diagnose any issues and the best part - we'll be cleaning up! 

* If your favourite plants need any extras like a moss pole for support or a fancy new pot, these will be available on the day with 10% off, for all Repotting Party participants.

* Got a weird and wonderful plant? It’s best to drop us a message beforehand (IG @midribplants or email to make sure we’ll have the right growing medium available for you.

How many plants can I repot?

Each Repotting Party session lasts 30minutes and costs £16. We suggest bringing 3-4 table top size plants (c.20-45cm tall), or 2-3 medium sized plants (c.45-90cm tall) or 1-2 larger floorstanding plants (over 90cm tall). You’re welcome to book multiple sessions if you think you’ll need more time, or more soil!

Anything else I should know? 

IMPORTANT: We’ll check each plant for evidence of pests before we begin. To ensure the safety of our stock, any plants with evidence of pest activity will not be repotted. Please note, refunds will not be given in this instance.

IMPORTANT: This event is designed for indoor potted plants only - please do not bring your terrarium, outdoor plants, hydroponic plants etc etc

IMPORTANT: Any good plant parent knows that repotting is a period of stress for your plant. Plants need time to adjust after they've been re-potted and may experience leaf drop or other symptoms. Midrib is not responsible for any plants that fail after repotting, this is part of the experimentation of indoor gardening and the unpredictability of living things. 


Cancellations to workshop/event bookings may be made up to one week in advance of your workshop/event date. After this time, any cancelled bookings will be forfeited.

Joining details

All participants will be emailed joining details ahead of the workshop/event.


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