Soil Ninja: premium Cactus & Succulent blend compost (2.5L)

Soil Ninja

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SOIL NINJA developed this mix to meet all your succulent and cactus needs. Components that work together are vital to a successful substrate. The aggregate based blend makes sure no residue humidity sticks around for too long on the very sensitive and tender roots of xeric species. But in the event, you do over water a little or mistakenly water during their dormancy period- the added support of activated charcoal doesn’t just improve drainage but also fends off impurities and bad micro fauna and flora that will lead to rot. Soil Ninja have added a small portion of worm castings to ensure the most natural and gentle presence of nutrients that their extremely delicate roots will not be offended by.

Soil Ninja's all new, redesigned packaging is now resealable and made from recyclable plastic.