Terracotta pots & saucers

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A staple and a classic: the humble terracotta pot and saucer. Thick walled with a rich terracotta colour, these clay pots have a drainage hole and are beneficial to your house plants - their permeable material enables water and air to pass through, helping to reduce root rot. Perfect! Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use, as terracotta ages with use it will develop a rich patina.

Available in numerous sizes: Miniature pot 7cm diameter, Extra Small pot 13.5cm diameter, Small pot 15.5cm diameter, Medium pot 17.5cm diameter, Large pot 22cm diameter, Extra Large pot 26cm diameter. Extra small saucer 11.5cm diameter, Small saucer 13.5cm diameter, Medium saucer 15.5cm diameter, Large saucer 19.5cm diameter, Extra Large saucer 23.5cm diameter.

Please note: for perfect sized pot & saucer pairings choose compatible items, e.g. the Medium pot + the Medium saucer. There is no Miniature saucer available.

Please note: owing to weight and fragility we do not post the terracotta pots, these are for local delivery (Reading) or local collection only.

Not sure if your plant will fit? Get in contact and we'll help you figure it out!

Plants shown in images are for illustration purposes only.